Applications for September 2024 are now closed.

  1. Review our application requirements.  
    Please note that the BLPT MBA is a competitive limited-enrollment program – meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.
  2. Talk to your employer and family. 
    Does your employer support you? How will this program impact your family? Have an honest conversation and set expectations.
  3. Explore the program and consider your goals. 
    Consider joining us for a webinar where you can connect with staff, current students, and faculty. Feel free to invite your employer, a colleague, or a family member to learn more about how this important decision will impact your life.
  4. Contact us for a pre-assessment.
    When you are ready, please complete our Get Started Form for a pre-assessment of your work experience and previously completed post-secondary studies. Additionally, this will ensure that you receive email communication from us, including invitations to webinars and events, as well as important updates about the application availability and admission requirements. There is no cost to the pre-assessment.
  5. Prepare and start your application.
    If interested in applying, please start your application through the following link:

    • By starting your application, you will receive a request to complete a video interview. The interview needs to be completed as part of your application submission. We also encourage you to carefully review the application instructions, deadlines, and required documents.
    • Applicants must begin their application and complete the Select Program section to received the invitation link. Kira interview link takes one (1) business day to generate. To ensure you receive your link in time, start your application no later than Noon on October 31 if you are applying for Round 1, Noon on January 31 if you are applying for Round 2, or Noon on April 14 if you are applying for Round 3 .
  6. Application processing. Once we receive your completed application, we’ll consider the education, work experience, and diverse skills and experiences you can contribute to the program. Admissions decisions will be made approximately 6 weeks after each application deadline.

Let us know if you have any questions about the admissions process. We’re here to help!

Connect with us by phone at: 905-525-9140 ext. 28147


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