Professional Image Juliette Zhang

Juliette Zhang

Bachelor of Science (Hons), Bio-Medical Science
Class of 2021

In the BLPT program, you are able to immediately apply classroom learnings to the workplace and vice versa.

What attracted you to the Blended Learning Part-Time MBA Program at DeGroote?

Initially, it was DeGroote’s career accelerating messaging that caught my attention. This really resonated with me because it felt familiar to my career trajectory and aligned with my professional aspirations. I strongly believed that the core fundamentals and impactful interactions acquired through the BLPT MBA program would propel my career to the next level and enhance my skills to lead with confidence. Finally, it was my visit at the campus information session that convinced me DeGroote was the right cultural fit.

What has been the highlight of your DeGroote experience?

There are many highlights. I especially enjoy learning from my peers and professors who are industry experts through sharing of their experience firsthand. Their stories are sometimes funny, sometimes shocking, but always thought-provoking and memorable! Outside the classroom, I particularly enjoy the range of professional development and networking opportunities offered by DeGroote. I have made some wonderful connections and gained exposure to diverse areas of interest that have helped to broaden my worldview.

What advice do you have for someone looking to pursue their MBA while continuing to work full-time?

A distinct benefit of the BLPT program is not having to take yourself out of the workforce to pursue your MBA degree. This is particularly relevant and advantageous in today’s environment where industries and technologies are evolving at such a rapid pace. In the BLPT program, you are able to immediately apply classroom learnings to the workplace and vice versa. To make the most of this, always ask the questions “How can I apply this knowledge to a problem that I am trying to solve and do I see any patterns?” and “How can I connect seemingly unrelated concepts and disciplines to create unique ideas?” Overall, pursuing a part-time MBA while working full-time is a tremendous commitment. I recommend preparing yourself mentally and those close to you before embarking on this exciting journey. It is one of the hardest things that I have ever done and there were definitely trade-offs; but in the end, it sure is worth it.